Child Care Matters: Because Child Care Works

In the last ten years, state funding for child care has declined over $56.5 million and the proposed budget would cut funding by an additional $28 million next year.

What’s at stake:

  • Over 14,000 children are on the child care waiting list; expected to rise to 20,000 by September
  • Average wait for a child increasing to OVER A YEAR by September
  • Child care subsidy determination and resource and referral services transferred from the CCIS to the County Assistance Office
  • Child care rates that have not increased in a DECADE
  • Child care staff earning on average $9.42 per hour

We are hearing reports from up on “The Hill” that nobody is talking to legislators about the cuts in child care funding. They need to hear from their constituents. 

We’re asking you to send this message and then share this alert with just five coworkers and friends. Urge them to write to their legislators today.


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