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Hello early childhood champions,

The PA budget impasse has reached a crisis.  We have been told that if a revenue package is not passed by Friday, September 15th, the Governor will begin cutting disbursement, by as much as 12% across the board for all line items.  This would impact all early childhood funding:  CCIS/SEF/PreK/HS.

 You can make your voice heard!  Sign up here to be part of our Phone2Action campaign.  Just enter your information and check the box on how you prefer to get ECE advocacy messages.  You will get a call from 717-229-1316 with a budget message and be automatically patched through to your state representative to deliver that message.  Let them know that we need a sustainable revenue package!  (If you can’t text, you can call 717-229-1316 directly.)


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My name is....... and I am a resident of............. County. I am calling to urge our Represenatative to work towards a recuring revenue package so the current budget can be fully funded. Our children and families cannot afford to have any services cut. Thank you.